If the service allows for it, the printer can print directly from a USB flash drive.



Enter the print menu by pressing on the print button (1).


A list of all available print files will be shown (1). The arrow indicates which files is currently selected. To select a file, press on it (if not already selected) and then press on it again to accept the selection.

Press the back button (2) to go back to main menu.



On the print preview screen, it is possible to see the filename of the selected file (1).If a different temperature than the one set in the print file is required it can be changed by pressing the temperature (3).


To start printing press the continue button (4).

Press the back button (2) to go one step back.




The printing screen shows status of the printing process while printing:

(1) shows the status of the printer.

(2) shows the current and target temperatures.

(3) shows the time remaining of the print job to be done.

(4) shows if the printer is reading the print file from USB. In this case do not remove the USB flash drive from the printer, because this will stop the print job.

(5) shows the progress of the printing in %.

(7) shows the filename of the object being printed.


To pause the print, press the pause button (8). For more information see section 11.3.

To abort the print, press the cancel button (6).