15.2 Printer not extruding properly

  • Print bed is too close to the print head on the first layer. Calibrate the height by following the bed levelling procedure (see chapter 8).
  • Printer has run out of filament.
  • Filament is tangled inside the filament chamber. Inspect the filament in the filament chamber.
  • The filament is stuck inside the print head. Using the filament procedure, unmount the filament, cut a piece off it and re-insert it.
  • The printer is clogged, and the print head needs cleaning. Perform a cleaning procedure.
  • The printed part is rough on the surface with small bubbles. This may happen if the filament is moist because the filament chamber is OFF, or it has been stored in a non-controlled environment.
    • Check if the filament chamber is disconnected.
    • Change the filament with one that has been stored in controlled environment.
    • Leave the moist filament in the (powered) filament chamber without printing for a day to dry out.