1. Filament chamber
    For storing the filament used on the printer, and to keep the humidity level stable.
  2. Print head
    The material extrusion system.
  3. Print bed
    Removable surface onto which the object is printed.
  4. USB port
    For printing from USB and updating the printer firmware.
  5. LCD Touch Screen
    For controlling the printer.
  6. On/off button
    Controls printer’s Stand-by mode.

  1. Filament chamber power cable
    Cable supplying power to the filament chamber.
  2. Print head cable
    Power and signal cable harness for the printhead.


  1. Exhaust fan
    Ventilation for electronics chamber.
  2. AC power plug
    Input plug for the mains power.
  3. Power switch
    For controlling the flow of power to the internal power supply and the filament chamber.