3D printing thermoplastics may result in the release of Ultra Fine Particles (UFPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) depending on the thermoplastic used and settings of the 3D printer. Above certain concentrations (Threshold Limit Values, TLV), these emissions can pose a risk. Concentrations are influenced by the filament and adhesive used, print conditions (e.g., print temperature), room volume, Air Exchange Rate (AER), and the number of printers in a room.

Please consider other safety measures, such as a filter and/or dedicated ventilation system, depending on your specific situation.

The use of print materials / filament from different suppliers may require additional safety measures. Always check the relevant information provided by the supplier of such filament/material and safety data sheet of each specific material.

The GeBioM mbH cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects from these materials‘ use and/or performance.