Now there is the possibility to manually adjust the areas. Using this function is only possible when the axis is set, or formulated differently, if the axis box is not ticked. All changes that are conducted on one feet side, are automatically transferred to the other side. This option operates when the CTRL-key is held down. There are multiple possibilities:

  • Change existing areas:
    • Hold down the CTRL-key, click into the area to be changed and use the mouse to change the area’s size on the corners or sides, alternatively change the area’s position by holding down the left mouse button and move the area accordingly.
    • Hold down the CTRL-key and double-click into the area, thus opening a new window (see screenshot-04). Here you can enter a new name, adjust the colour by using the controllers and change the area’s size and position by entering it coordinates.
  • Define new areas:
    • When holding down the CTRL-key and the SHIFT-key, a new window can be drawn. This is then a new area and can be adjusted as described under 1.) Change existing areas.

If area have been changed as described under 1.) and 2.) there is the possibility to „save areas“ (see screenshot-05). There the changed area can be overwritten or saved as a new area. In the latter case a new name for this area needs to be entered.
By clicking on „definition of areas“ a list of the saved areas can be selected (See screenshot-06). The selected area arrangement is displayed graphically and there is the possibility to delete a previously defined area arrangement.








GP MobilData
Changes in the area definition are conducted just as in MultiSens. The only difference is that the axes cannot be adjusted. Accordingly, it is neither necessary nor possible to un-tick the axis-box. Elsewise, the functions are identical.