Configuration of the software

After you have replaced the amplifier, boot the computer of the CNC milling machine.

  • Choose „Start“ -> „Programs“ -> „AC Setup C269“ (on some machines it’s called „ISEL Germany AG“) -> „ACSETUP C269
  • In the program choose „File“ -> „Open“ -> the default path is D:\Backup\cncWorkbench…\Control\CAN\DCF-Files chose  the DCF-File you created.
  • Now open Connection -> CAN-Einstellungen
  • In the following menu make sure to set the right CAN node!
    • 1 for the X-axis
    • 2 for the Y-axis
  • Choose the C:\CNCWorkbench\Control\CAN\CAN_API.dll for the CAN communication.
  • Confirm with OK
  • Afterwards chose „Connection“ -> „Onlinemode“ (or click on the satellite dish symbol).
  • In the following dialogue chose the pc to card symbol.
  • If there is no message, you can exit the online mode and close the program. If there is a dialgue asking to save the changes choose „no“.