GP moulding pressure

Please refer to our manual for more information Working with GP moulding pressure

Manual - GP moulding printing



To assemble the split moulding, you will need the following connecting materials:

  • Metal pins: Ø 5 mm, l = 40 mm
  • Countersunk head screws: 4.5 x 70 and 4.5 x 50
  • M8 threaded rods, the length of which you can cut as required
  • Cable ties, for moulding the tip


  • Then open the INI settings:

  • The following window opens:

  • The correct INI must be selected in the drop-down menu: GP_CAD_LEISTENDRUCK

  • Then double-click on the "Printer" parameter:

  • Now select the "I_Standard" parameter:

You can now enter the corresponding parameter in the field on the right-hand side (red arrow). The "1" stands for the LP 333, the "2" for the LP 222, the "3" for the LP 322 and the "4" for the LP 433. The corresponding parameter is saved by clicking on "OK". If you now reopen the "GP LeistenDruck" module, the change should take effect immediately. Otherwise, please restart the GP Manager.