With a click on "save" the new settings are saved. If you do not want to save the changes, please click on "" in the upper right corner of the dialogue box.

In the "unit" section, the unit in which the pressure shall be measured is selected (mbar, N/cm2, kPa or mmHg).

The displayed list also contains the units for the impulse [Ns] and [mNs]. Please ensure that these units are not selected to measure the pressure.

When the control box "autoscaling" is ticked the scaling is adjusted to the maximum values. If this box is not ticked, the scaling is adjusted to the last value defined.

By using the "Background" button you can set the background of a measurement. This happens just as described in the "colours" section.

By using the "Type" button you can change the key's text colour. This happens just as described in the "colours" section.

To define the colours please put the slide control below the colour scale on the desired number of colours. This is displayed in the centre below the scale. You can select values between 1 and 64. Now each single colour needs to be defined. To do so, double-click in the colour field to be defined and the Windows colour dialogue box appears. On the left you can choose the desired base colour by clicking on it. If necessary, this can be varied manually by using the quadratic colour spectrum or the lightness graduation to the right. The current colour is displayed in the field "colour/basis". If the desired colour is chosen, click on "add colour" and the colour appears in the first box of "user-defined colours". Then click on "OK", and the colour is entered in the colour scale. You need to repeat this procedure for every single colour box (alternatively, see "calculate").

After clicking on "New" a new name "NN" appears in the list field. With this name the new key can be accessed again in the list field later on. The name can be changed by clicking on the "NN" field and entering a new name.

The scaling of the key can be changed manually by clicking on the arrows below the colour scale.
You may also change the whole scale. By clicking on the unit field, e.g. "" (default setting "N/cm2") you reach the "Define Key" menu.



With the following functions new keys are defined or pre-defined keys can be accessed and changed. Pre-defined keys are selected via the list field. When clicking on the arrow of the list field the offered possibilities are displayed.

By clicking on "Cancel" the dialogue is ended and one is returned to the "GP FootPrint" module, without taking the measurement over.

By using the "Apply Measurement" function, the started measurement is finished and directly transferred to the display areas of "GP FussMess„.