Functions of the work surface

The 3D model of the insert is displayed on the workspace. Using the buttons of the "Function box" (see sections 2.4 Function box and 3.3 Function box in detail), the display on the workspace can be customised.

To edit an insert, make sure that the button Insert is activated. If the button is activated, you are in the GP InsoleCAD Module. If you have already selected an insert, the insert is displayed on the workspace.

If you move the mouse cursor over the workspace, you will always see the current position in relation to the origin of the coordinate system at the bottom left. The origin is in GP InsoleCAD is always the point at which the bunion line intersects the foot axis.

Note:  Remains the "Insert" button is greyed out after clicking it, the module is not activated. In this case, please contact GeBioM mbH Support.

Attention:       If operation via keyboard shortcuts does not work, the GP Manager window is not active. Click once in the window to activate it.