Before connecting the platform you need to install either the program "GP Manager" or "GP Manager_SQL" from the CD as it contains the driver in a packed format. You will find the Multisens_MS4 (USB 2.0) driver on the following path: C:\GeBioM_SQL\GPTOOLS\TREIBER\PSAA_USB2\DRIVER (The part of the path printed in italics is the standard path for the installation. If an alternative path has been chosen in the installation, you need to insert it above).

Driver Installation:

Following the successful software installation you connect the platform to the grid. Now connect the platform to the PC using the USB cable.

After a short while, the operating system recognises a new device and the hardware assistant is started. (Please wait for this dialogue box; it takes up to 20 seconds before it appears).

Please select the option "Not now" in the dialogue box. Then click on "continue". In the following dialogue box please activate the option "software from a list...". Then click on "continue„.

In the following dialogue box please only activate the option "also the following sources...". Then click on the "browse" button and insert the path above. (For MS4: C:\GeBioM_SQL\GPTOOLS\TREIBER\PSAA_USB2\DRIVER). You can also insert the path manually. Then click on "continue". Please click on "continue installation„.

Display of the final box.

The installation is possibly not yet finished. Should the hardware assistant pop-up anew, please redo steps 3 to 8.

Known Installation Error and Help
The installation was carried through using the welcome-window of the hardware assistant and the option "Automatically install software...„.

Result: The installation failed. In the device manager, the device is denoted as 'other device' (or in the USB-area) and carries an exclamation mark. Help: Click on the USB-device in the device manager, then choose "update driver..." and follow the installation instructions above.

  1. Firstly, the software is installed from the CD supplied. This is necessary as all drivers for the hardware components are on the CD in packaged form and can only be used after installation from the hard drive. Insert the CD into a CD-ROM drive. The installation will start automatically. Then follow the installation instructions.
  2. Once the installation is complete, the receiver is connected to the PC via the USB cable supplied to a USB port (must be connected to a USB port). USB 2.0) is connected.
  3. The device is now recognised by the operating system as a new device and the Windows hardware installation wizard is called up.
  4. In the first dialogue box, the item "Install software from a list or specific source..." can be activated. Then "Further" click here.
  5. In the following dialogue box, the option "These sources according to the most appropriate driver Search" with the "Also search the following sources:" checkbox selected. Then set the path "C:\GeBioM_SQL\GPTools\Treiber\Funk" folder for wireless drivers) via "Browse". Then click on "Next".
  6. Confirm or continue the following dialogue boxes.
  7. The driver is now labelled "Cesys CeUsb2 (unconfigured)" in the final box.
    The installation has not yet been completed: The status of the device is "unconfigured"
  8. After the annealing of "Finish", MobilData is recognised again and the driver installation is completed. Steps 3 - 7 are run through again, whereby at the end of the installation the driver is recognised as "Cesys CeUsb2 " is labelled.
  9. After clicking on "Finish" the installation is complete and GP MobilData
    Radio is ready for operation.