Server relocation

To ensure a quick and smooth process, please note the following points:

Data backup

Carry out a data backup in advance.

Patient data:

You can find more information on this at under the keyword "GPF"

Save files (GpManager V7)

Save files (GpManager V6)

Programme data:

Please also back up the GPSYSTEM folder. This folder is located in a standard installation under the following path:

C:\GeBioM_SQL\GpSystem (GpManager V6)

C:\GPM_V7\GpSystem (GpManager V7)

Please copy this folder to the new server in advance.


If new clients will also be used after the server move, please install the dependencies in advance:


You can find our system requirements under the following link:

Hardware and software requirements


1 Please ensure that you have the appropriate administrator rights (on the server and the clients).

2 Please note that your work processes may be restricted during the server relocation. The GPM cannot be used during the move and must be closed at all workstations.

3) Make sure that your clients are connected to the server (domain, etc.) or can reach it. In addition, please ensure that the rights for the shares of the firewall, TCP IP, named pipes and the folder shares are given. Further information can be found in our manual for IT users:

Quick guide