To use the programme, select a customer from your customer library or create a new customer.

In the main menu of the GP Manager, you will find the GP Body Status Check module under the button (Figure 1):

Figure 1: Button module GP body status check

Clicking on this button opens a menu (Figure 2):

Figure 2: Body status check submenu; the button border changes colour when a menu is selected (see customer base data)

Here you have the option of choosing between different packages. On the one hand, the overall view of a category is always offered (e.g. lower extremities (total) incl. customer data). You can then choose between individual areas (e.g. foot, knee, hip, etc.) and thus compile your own survey.

Once you have made your selection, which you can see on the light blue border, click on the forward button on the right to start the anamnesis.