Why does the GP Manager crash when doing an insole measurement?

Error description

If you try to start a pressure measurement with GP MobilData by clicking onto the „Measure“ button the dialog opens. Afterwards the GP Manager does not respond anymore and has to be restarted.

Cause of error

The GP Manager needs a connection to the actual insoles. Each insole has a small chip with information needed for the measurement. If the GP Manager has a connection to the senders, but not to the insoles, it tires to load this information and waits for a response.


Please make sure that:

  • the insoles are connected to the senders.
  • the plug is connected correctly, you should hear a click.
  • the insoles are connected to the right sender (L with L and R with R).

If this did’nt solve the problem please contact the GeBioM mbH support.