Error description

After clicking on the "Live" button, the following error message is displayed:

GeBioM VideoSupport
FAILED(hr = DXGetErrorString(hr)) in pMediaControl->Run()


Cause of error

The path in the sets does not exist or cannot be written.


Click on "Sets ..."

Adjust the path in the following dialogue. The "..." button opens a dialogue in which you can select a different path.

Error description

The uEye camera is no longer recognised.

Cause of error

All USB CMOS cameras with the old interface board are no longer supported from driver version 3.10 onwards.


Make sure that your camera is not affected by the update. You can check this using the serial number. If this is less than 400 26 27000, your camera will not be compatible with driver versions >3.10.

Alternatively, you can start the "USBHardwareCheck" programme from the installation CD. This will show you whether your camera is compatible with driver versions >3.10.

If your camera is not compatible with driver version >3.10, you can continue to use your previous driver (up to driver version 2.40). In this case, you must not update the driver!

Attention: If you are using GP Manager version 7 or higher, then must the uEye driver from version 4.72 use!

If you do not want to use uEye cameras, please note the following:

  • Officially, GeBioM only supports uEye cameras.


  • Modern camcorders generally do not provide a live image. This means that you cannot use them.
  • Older camcorders often have a Firewire interface that provides a live image. If you want to use the interface, the same requirements apply for the data bus as for the USB bus on uEye cameras (What are the system requirements for GP VideoSupport II?).


  • If you want to use a webcam, please note that the exposure time can be adjusted.
  • If the individual images are blurred, change the exposure time
  • If you want to measure angles with webcams, the angles are often distorted due to the lens in the outer areas.