Below the display area there is a force-time diagram. Here, the summed force is plotted in dependence on the time. The summed force of the left foot is displayed as a red line, while that of the right foot is displayed as a green line.

SQL_FussDruck MD_KraftZeit

GP MobilData

SQL_FussDruck MS_KraftZeit

GP MultiSens

By a single click on the left mouse button on the diagram that point in time is selected and the respective pressure distribution patter is displayed in the display area. A black, vertical line marks the selected point in time. Simultaneously, the current force values are displayed in the area of the force display in the line „Current [N]“. The selected point in time appears in the diagram’s upper right corner. When holding down the left mouse button on the line, it can be moved resulting in a „quasi-Realtime“-display of the gait pattern. A further possibility to scroll through the gait patter is to use the right or left arrow buttons on your keyboard. Here, the scrolling direction corresponds to the arrows.
Furthermore, you can zoom into a specific area of the diagram. To do so, you need to click both the left mouse button and the CTRL-key and then use the mouse to draw a rectangle above the area to be enlarged. When combining of the CTRL-key with a single click on the left mouse button the whole measurement is displayed again.