The Module GP Mail enables you to send your customer data via mail. If the module is activated, you will have the GP Touch Mail tile on the starting page of the GP Manager.


If the symbol is not on the starting page, but have bought a licencse ask the GeBioM mbH Support to activate the module for you.

There are preconfigured configuration files for the mail providers 1&1, GMX, Strato and Our suggestion is to use GMX, as this provider is the easiest to configure.

If your corporate homepage is hosted at 1&1 or Strato you can choose this providers.

As a general advice you should consider to use an email provider located inside the EU. The European Court of Justice has declared the Safe-Harbor-Privacy-Principle to be invalid (October 2015). Therefore it is strongly advised to not store any customer data on an server of an american corporation. Therefore gmail and hotmail should not be used.