How do i switch the amplifiers on milling machines with a CAN bus?

Error description

When starting to mill the program shows an error message „Please power on the power amplifier“. This message is shown, even if the power amplifiers are already switched on.

Error cause

This error has two causes. Either the CNC remote software is not configured correctly, or an amplifier might be broken.


Contact the GeBioM mbH support. If the cause of error is a broken amplifier, below is a manual describing how to switch the amplifier on milling machines with a CAN bus.

If your milling machine is using a CAN bus could be seen on the milling computer. Milling machines with a can bus show a smiley at the right corner of the taskbar. You might have to expand the menu with the small arrow to see the smiley.

Before changing the amplifiers make sure to contact our support. Each amplifier has data, which will have to get transfered to the new amplifier.

How the amplifiers can be switched is explained in this short description: XXX