How to backup the settings on the milling machine?

Error description

You would like to make a backup of your milling machien.

Error cause

You want to make a backup only of the CNC remote settings. Or you would like to make a fresh install of the operating system on the computer of the the milling machine.


  1. Search the path to the CNC remot program. The default path is C:\CNCWorkbench.
  2. Open the Bin folder
  3. Look for a program called CNCwbBackupAssistent.exe inside the Bin Folder
  4. Run the program. You need to have an administrator account
  5. Choose „Weiter
  6. Make sure to select „Sichern der Steuerungskonfiguration“ and choose „Weiter
  7. Chose a folder where the data will be saved
  8. Check again the selected options and click on „Starten“ to begin the backup
  9. After clicking on „Fertigstellen“ the program closes itself
  10. Check if there is a backup at your chosen folder called „CNCworkbench_DD.MM.JJJJ_SS_MM“ (the numbers are the date and time of the backup.)

Restoring the settings

  1. If you want to restore the data, simply start the program again.
  2. Chose „Wiederherstellen der Steuerungskonfiguration“ this time and point the program to the folder where you have saved the data.