Why do i see no measurement, althoug i did a scan?

Error description

You have done a scan with GP TrittScan or GP FussScan, but the GP Manager does not show a picture.

Error cause

The most common reason for this are the scanner settings. In the GP TrittScan module this might be due to artifacts which get recognized.


If this happens in GP TrittScan you might need to use the „Limitation“ tool to the right. Afterwards try to change the threshold value in the grey area. If this does not help continue below.

Make sure you have the right settings configured in the scanner driver. Follow the steps in: „So richten Sie Ihren Microtek Scanner für eine optimale Messung ein“ aus. If you are using GP TrittScan you can altough read: „Wie kann ich mit einem 2D Scanner einen Trittschaum scannen?„.