Why has my scanner stopped working?

Error description

It is not possible to scan feet, as an click on Scan side/Scan both has no effect. The scan is not initalized and the scanner does not start.

Or the scanned picture is not shown correctly (black and white) and the foot outline is not recognized.

Cause of error

This error may have different causes. A few of the causes are listet below:

  • Windows is not able to wake the scanner from the energy saving mode. This is the reason why windows is not able to communicate with the scanner.
  • A file needed by the scanner driver is missing or corrupt, or the driver is not installed.
  • The scanner is not correctly connected to the power supply.
  • The settings of the scanner driver are not set correctly.
  • The power supply used with the scanner has the wrong specifications. For example you might be using a power supply from a GP MultiSens pressure measurement system.


  1. Make sure the scanner is connected with the computer. Check the cables for any visible damage.
  2. Check, if the power supply is the one delivered with the scanner. Check the connection of the power supply to the scanner.
  3. Is the scanner connected correctly:
    • Turn the scanner off with the switch on the scanner (if possible). If this is not possible unplug the power supply.
    • Unplug the USB cable.
    • Turn the scanner on/replug the power supply.
    • Replug the USB cable.
  4. Start the GP Manager, choose a customer and open the GP Fussmess Module.
  5. Be sure to select the right scan method FussScan (for feet), or TrittScan (for blueprints).
  6. Try again, if your scanner is working. Choose „Scan both“ and wait at least 30 seconds for the scanner.
  7. If the scanner did scan an image, but the outline is missing or the image does not look like you expected, read:
  8. In some cases windows changes the name of the scanner. If the scanner is selected by the GP Manager with its name, and the selection dialog is disabled the scanner won’t work. In this case you will have to follow the steps from the „GP Manager for IT professionals“ (Configuring a 2D scanner) or contact the GeBioM mbH Support.

General advice

To avoid this error in the future follow the instructions below:

  • Disable „selektives USB-Energiesparen„.
  • Turn off the computer and scanner in the evening. Make sure the scanner is unplugged from the power supply or turned off with the switch on the scanner.