Why is the scanner unable to initialize?

Error description

The 3D measurement with the GP Manager fails. An error with the message that the scanner could not be initialized.

If you try to use the LSR software, the software won’t start.

Error cause

This error occurs, of there is although a bluetooth device connected to the pc (for example MultiSens bluetooth) and the LSR software version is 2.5.5 or older.


  • Download the latest driver of the 3D Scanner from our homepage:
    [wpfilebase tag=list id=215 pagenav=1 /]
  • If you want to use a MultiSens bluetooth pressure measurement plate, start the GP Manager afterwards and create a scan. The GP Manager should assign a COM port to the device.
  • Afterwards the 3D scanner should be working. If this did not help contact the GeBioM mbH Support.