Create new deposits

To create new deposits for a customer, proceed as follows:

  • Make sure that the button "Insert" is activated in the function box to enter the GP InsoleCAD module. If the button is active, it is highlighted in blue and "Insert" is displayed above the right-hand column in the dimensions box.
  • Click on the "Search/create customer" icon. In the following dialogue at the bottom right, select "New".
  • First select the "Page" (left/right insert) that you want to edit first.
  • If you already have a measurement for the customer from another module, you can use Ctrl + left-click on "Measurement" to select a measurement. The individual measurements of the current customer are displayed in the following dialogue. You can select a measurement by double-clicking on it. You can also create an insert without a measurement if you do not have a measurement.
  • Now select an insert from your library in the toolbox.

You should see a visualisation similar to Figure 9. The blue lines are the outline and bale line of the selected measurement.

If no blue line is displayed, then either no measurement has been selected or the inlay is covering the measurement. If you want to display the outline and the bale line of the measurement above the inlay, you can press Shift + left-click on "Measurement" change the view.


Figure 9: GP InsoleCAD with selected insole and measurement