14.2 Cleaning the print head/nozzle

Cleaning the print head is a vital procedure, that contributes to the quality of the printed objects by reducing the risk of clogging and maintaining consistent extrusion of filament.

  • We recommend cleaning the exterior tip of the printhead (the nozzle) on a daily basis, by using the cleaning tool included in the accessory box.

Let the print head to cool down first. Scrape off the nozzle until the tip is free from residue filament. It is IMPORTANT not to hit the inductive sensor behind (blue dot) while cleaning the nozzle.

  • We recommend cleaning the interior of the nozzle twice a week or every time a new filament spool is loaded. Use only approved cleaning filament and the below “cold pull” method.
  1. Remove the loaded filament from the nozzle (using filament change procedure)
  2. Insert the cleaning filament into the nozzle.
  3. Extrude 3-4 cm. of filament. In some cases, the clogged material will come out.
  4. Set the temperature to decrease from default 265 °C to 125 °C
  5. Extrude cleaning filament while temperature is falling.
  6. At around 200 °C extrusion stops, as filament cannot melt anymore.
  7. When temperature gets to 130-125 °C pull the cleaning filament straight up from the hot end, until it is released from the nozzle. OBS: Pull the gear/lever back to relieve the pressure on the filament, while doing this step.
  8. This hard pull will remove impurities and material from the nozzle.
  9. Look through the nozzle hole, you should be able to see all the way through.

If not, repeat steps 2 to 9 until the cleaning filament can be removed free of impurities and you can see through the nozzle hole.