The user-target-group of this system are not the end users but professional groups (engineers, orthopaedics (shoe-) technicians, biomechanics, etc.), from the following branches:

  • Orthopaedics (Shoe-) Technicians
  • Sports-Biomechanics
  • Automobile Industry
  • Matrasses Industry
  • Seating Furniture Industry

The user of the GeBioM pressure distribution measurement systems is always intensively introduced to the delivered systems, generally on location. This includes the general system handling, exclusion criteria for specific measurement situations (e.g. do not use sharp objects, etc.) as well as an introduction to the analysis possibilities of the respective system. The subject-specific knowledge for analysing the results can be assumed. In this manner, the systems can only be used as intended. The measures taken by the user based on the measurement results are always based on his personal subject-specific knowledge and philosophy. The systems are constructed such that the test person (in the industry normally a employee, in the sales advisory services the client, in the orthopaedics (shoe-) technics the client/ patient) is hardly influenced by sitting or walking on the measurement recorder. Where necessary, the measurement technique is attached to the test person by the specialist user. Otherwise, the test person just walks over or lies on the measurement field or wears the measurement film in the shoe.

Please ensure that the measurement film and sensors are not loaded with sharp objects. These may cause the sensor system to break down.