How do i reduce the warmup time of my Plustek scanner?

Error description

The warmup phase of the Plustek scanner takes a long time. After a scan is started the scanner tray won’t move directly.

Error cause

The Plustek scanners use a fluorescent tube. These tubes age and take longer to reach their maximum light intensity.


You can configure the scanner to start, even if the the fluorescent tube has not reached the maximum light emission. To do this you will have to change some registry values. This should only be done, of you feel confident.

  • Press the windows key + R and type „regedit“ in the dialog.
  • Navigate to the path: „HKEY_CURRENT_USER“ -> „Software“ -> „Plustek“ -> „261u“ -> „VxD“ -> „VID_07b3&PID_0c20“ -> „Add-On
  • There should be a value named „WARMUPTIME„. The value represents the seconds, which the scanner will wait for the fluorescent tube.